Farewell Letter from Ken Anselment

This is a letter submitted to the Lawrentian by Ken Anslement

To the members of the Lawrence community,

In 2004, I left Marquette University—the place where I had studied and worked for 12 years—to join Lawrence University as your director of admission.

I came to Appleton with no expectation that I would be able to love any other place as much as I loved my alma mater…

…but Lawrence University taught me that the heart has infinite capacity for love.

Over 18 years of serving this community in various roles—whether it was presiding as your Vice President for Enrollment, hosting Giving Day programs, spoofing with April Fools videos, or, you know, reaching the pinnacle of dignity by wearing that ratty old Viking mascot outfit for Founders Day—Lawrence University has burrowed deep into my heart, where it will remain for the rest of my life.

I’ll say—with a nod to the Grinch and a wink in my eye—my heart has grown 47 sizes since 2004.

While I never had the privilege to attend Lawrence as a student, you have all made me proud to call myself a Lawrentian.

It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve with you and to represent you to the world.

For that I thank you, and depart this stage with the wish that you all

Be well and do well,

Ken Anselment
Vice President for Enrollment