Staff Editorial

We hope that faculty, staff, administration, new, transfer and returning students
have settled in comfortably. After two weeks of classes, and nearly the full gamut of
Wisconsin weather, we at The Lawrentian have had time to take note of atmospheric
changes on campus.
Now that newcomers and upperclassmen are sharing most campus residences,
the lack of communal space in densely populated dorms – such as the elimination
of the five lounges from the upper floors of Colman – has implicit effects on
campus programming. Fortunately, as a result, Colman’s first floor lounge is more
popular than in previous years. However, we were disappointed to learn that these
former lounges were assigned to freshmen in lieu of being offered to upperclassmen.
A more pressing issue in campus life is the alarming presence of ambulances on
weekends. Student hospitalizations due to excessive drinking are not unprecedented
at Lawrence – a fact that makes them no less significant. Rather, we find it disturbing
that hospitalizations are a recurring trend each fall term. Lawrence should
recognize this issue’s relative permanency and research more effective methods of
prevention and education.
The academic environment has adapted well. Classes are being held in unusual
spaces, including the Brokaw basement and the Buchanan Kiewit Recreation Center.
Despite these hurdles, it is commendable that Lawrence has retained its characteristic
small student-to-faculty ratio.
Another space that has been affected is the Warch Campus Center. Bon Appétit
is visibly strained. Andrew Commons is crowded and we suggest that students take
advantage of the option to bring plates anywhere within the building – or to purchase
a reusable green container and take meals on the go.
We are looking forward to introducing the Class of 2014 to the many traditions
and aspects of life at Lawrence. In light of these new conditions, we are more likely
to cross paths with each other. We encourage students, faculty and staff to learn
from these new interactions and perceive the campus from new angles.