Staff Editorial

This year has seen substantial changes: the introduction of the Warch Campus Center, revisions to the academic calendar, changes to the campus landscape, a new freshman class and an ever-increasing number of prospective students. These changes have elicited a wide range of responses from members of the Lawrence community.
Students have been given perspective on our scope of influence through these changes, allowing us to identify ways in which we can and cannot exercise our ambitions for the university.
For example, the academic calendar changes resulted in some unrest among students. We feel that more transparency and dialog is needed in this process and in other administrative decisions that greatly affect students. However, there are significant measures already in place to elicit student input.
Many committees that make decisions akin to the academic calendar adjustments include students. LUCC frequently appoints these students and in relevant cases should be responsible for ensuring they fulfill their duties.
Though students typically spend just four to five years at Lawrence, our time here is sufficient to make a lasting impact on the direction of the institution. Students are able to interact with faculty, staff and trustees on matters pertaining to our experience; however, too few partake in these opportunities.
We suggest that Lawrentians – especially students who do not feel that the current opportunities for student engagement are adequate – take an initiative to find new ways to participate in the campus community in order to increase the diversity of viewpoints that are expressed.