Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

What is the best thing about swimming? How long have you been swimming competitively?
I feel that one of the best aspects of swimming is the challenge of racing yourself. I started swimming competitively as a freshman in high school after I decided the diving team was not my cup of tea.How is the team dynamic this year? What are the team’s goals for the remainder of the season?
We have an outstanding group of guys this year. The underclassmen have done a great job of stepping into important roles. We have a number of young people that bring a unique and fun attitude to the team both in and out of the pool. Team goals include winning a relay or two as well as placing top three as a team.

What is your favorite stroke? Least favorite? Why?
Favorite stroke: breaststroke because I’ve had a knack for it ever since I started swimming competitively and it gives me an excuse to not flutter kick during kick sets. Least favorite: backstroke because I’m not good at pulling on the lane line.

What is your favorite meal before a race? What is your typical race-day routine?
I don’t eat whole lot — upsets my stomach from being nervous. If do eat something it would likely be crackers, Gatorade, an orange or maybe muscle milk if I’m in the mood. Pre-meet routine includes visualizing my stroke, doing “lat slaps,” and telling myself something funny to relax.

If you could swim anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Lac La Croix, the Canadian side of the boundary waters past northern Minnesota, as the sun goes down or on a starry night. It is the most beautiful and serene place I have ever visited. And no, I would not wear a swimsuit.