Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers of The Lawrentian,

Happy fall term! I can’t believe that only one year ago, I was stepping foot on campus for the first time, searching for various ways to integrate myself into the Lawrence community. Believe me, first-years, I know what a scary and exciting time this is for you, between First-Year studies, new roommates, and your introduction to the Lawrence busy. It can be hard to find a community of your own, and the idea of home-away-from-home can feel like a distant possibility sometimes.

I can only tell you just how important it is to go out of your comfort zone, try something challenging, make a new friend and explore yourself. When I applied to work for The Lawrentian, I didn’t know the journey would take me here, nor do I know where it will go in the months ahead. Whatever this term looks like for you, do something that scares you a little, something that seems impossible. You’ll surprise yourself.

However, we are also a community of people who needs to take care of each other. The Lawrentian staff tries to do that by being a prominent voice on this campus, reporting the truth and being a resource. I am so proud of this staff and all of the great work we have done so far. Every organization and individual on this campus is essential and belongs here, and I can’t wait to see how we all contribute throughout this term. To quote one of my favorite characters from the nineties, don’t just try to do well on this campus, do good.

All the best,