Dear Green,

Dear Green, 

I remember all my times with you sitting listening guessing 
Before I was even old enough to really know what it was you meant

Now it's my turn to write 
My turn to remember

To think of the eyes staring as they read this. 

Might as well get on with it then

Going down the list of usuals and likelys
Remind those who forget to care for themselves as much as others 
That they matter since there are those who make them forget 

With the just

The could you just

But just is never as simple as that 

You’re still with her now but 

She's nice to you 
She's learned from her mistakes with me 
Maybe just maybe 

While loving what you have while you have it 
Remember time 
Father time and plan for the future even if you do not believe you have one

Signing off as always I love some of you