Bunke’s Blurb

Alex Bunke

Three things, faithful reader. Wall Street, Facebook, purple forms.
Wall Street. Here’s what I think. I am convinced that stockbrokers on the floor of the NYSE (or whatever “floor” they always talk about) do nothing but stand around with their hands on their heads waiting for an AP photographer to snap a picture. If they would spend less time looking so miserable, I might just do them a favor and buy some of their stock. Who wants to buy stock when the people selling it look like faculty members who have just found out about the fall-term schedule change? I have never seen a stockbroker smile. So many Lawrentians would be good stockbrokers.
Facebook. I am Facebook friends with my mother. I feel great about this.
Hats off to Pat Niles, director of dining services. He gets hundreds of those purple comment forms and answers each one. Sometimes I am literally embarrassed to read what people have written. Have you ever read the purple forms? Do so. Once, I saw one that just said, “Sucks.” What? No doubt a Trever resident, eager to cause a stir after feeling totally forgotten by the rest of the campus. If I were in Niles’ shoes, I’d definitely be heading into B occasionally with a whip or an ax.