Morning Walk

I step out, and it feels like tiny pins and needles hit my face. They’re soft, though, and don’t hurt as much as I thought. I’m so distracted and entranced by the beauty of snow that I forget how cold it is outside. I stop for a second to admire it all. I begin to walk, and I think I’m walking on clouds! My big and heavy boots aren’t pounding the hard pavement; instead, they’re gently making tracks over a fluffy carpet of snow. I think I could get used to this. It makes my 8:15 a.m. walk to class so much more cool, so to speak. I just wish I had bright neon markers to color the world with. Everything looks like a black-and-white-filtered photo. 

If I could somehow change that filter, this would be perfect. So, I put on my rose-tinted glasses, and it looks like I’m inside a glass snow globe. I start to see little sparkles in the snow, and people are having snowball fights! As I walk, I can tell the difference in the air I’m breathing — it’s refreshing and crisp, instead of polluted and humid. The fir trees covered in snow remind me of the giant, majestic Christmas trees I’ve only ever seen in movies. My eye catches the tiny little paw prints of an adorable golden retriever who makes me smile from ear to ear. Snow days can be scary and dreary, but with a different perspective, they can have a calming serenity to them, which is beautiful.