Summer Feeling

I made a playlist called “summer feeling.” I have eighteen years worth of summer engrained in myself, and listening to this playlist brings back those wonderful memories. These memories of summer are filled with warmth, laughter, and relaxation. I can vividly picture the pink, purple, and orange sunsets gently falling into the ocean. I probably have more than a million photos of the exact same beach which I promise to keep returning to, year after year. I can almost actually feel the heat when I look at those photos. It’s my home away from home. I could stay out on the water for hours at a time! It’s my great escape from the world. I get to soak in as much sunlight as my heart desires, and bring it back with me to the winter. 

When I catch just a glimpse of blue in the sky, I become a magnet drawn to it. My eyes stay focused on that point so that I can keep the image in my head for those times when I lack motivation. Listening to my “summer feeling” playlist recreates these moments and makes it feel like I’m right there at the beach again. It gives me my great escape, even when I’m not floating in the middle of the ocean. This is the power of music! It transports us to where we would rather be. This season can be tough on us for many reasons. It could be the cold, the snow, the gray, or everything in between. Taking the time to recognise the brighter days always helps. My great escape is how these days become better for me, because summer is invincible. 

What’s your great escape?