EDITORIAL: The changing of the guard

Ray Feller

With the term halfway done, it is a good time to introduce some of the changes in staff here at The Lawrentian. This year, the paper has gone through several improvements. We have hopes and plans to make the newspaper better and better, both in style and in content.

It is our custom to change the Editor-in-Chief third term. This is helpful because it allows the old editor(s) to be available to help with the transition. Starting with this year’s April Fool’s issue, I have been trying hard as Editor-in-Chief, with Jessie Augustyn as Managing Editor.

There have been several other changes in the editorial board, with some people shifting positions and others joining for the first time. Ryan Marx has returned to his former position as Layout Editor.

Rachel Hoerman has left Arts & Entertainment to co-edit the news section with Andy Dolan.

Devin Burke has moved from Features to Arts & Entertainment, leaving room for newcomer Peter Gillette to step in as Features Editor.

Andy York, formerly an enthusiastic sports writer, has joined the editorial board as Sports Editor.

Lindsay Moore, a long-time contributor to many sections of the newspaper, has moved from being Associate Editor of Opinions and Editorials to full editor.

Our new Copy Chief is Linda Shaver, who has been copy editing since first term.

As always, we welcome anyone who is interested in joining the staff of The Lawrentian. If you like to write, all of our editors are always happy to welcome new writers. We are also always happy to add more photographers, copy editors, layout staff, ad salespeople, and people to help with circulation.

If you would like to see changes in our newspaper, the best way is to become a part of it. Anyone interested in any of these positions can feel free to call the office at x6768 and we will have the appropriate person get in touch with you.

I would also like to specifically reiterate that we always welcome editorials from people who have opinions on either side of an issue. Please feel free to e-mail a letter to the editor using the guidelines at the bottom of our masthead.

I am a little nervous but also excited about the remainder of my time as editor. The editorial board I have to work with is very strong and enthusiastic, and I look forward to working with them to produce The Lawrentian.