In Judgement of Past Me

I look at you
the same you’ve been
since I first met you
and decided that day
to fall in love

And I know
someone you love at age 
isn’t love
it’s lust
or hormones 
or loneliness

And yet as you stand here today
with someone else on your arm
my chest twists
and aches

What is it about her  
that was better than me?
What was it about me 
that was unworthy of you?

And here I am
sitting and watching
you be happy
and something clicks…

What was it about you
that drew me in?
What was it about you
that intrigued me?

Other than the fact
that you’re boringly handsome
and have a dog
I would die for…

What was it that made me go
yes, this is the one!

Sitting back
I can’t help but judge
both you, for hating her
but me, for liking you