Trivia madness returns to Lawrence

Rachel Hoerman

Start hording phone cords, laptops, and caffeine pills now. This weekend marks the beginning of the Great Midwest Trivia Contest, a fixture of the Lawrence campus for some thirty-odd years. The premise is simple: community members along with Lawrence University faculty and staff set up camp in the basements, lounges, and dorms of various resident halls in preparation for two grueling days of brain-picking trivia and cutthroat competition.

The eleven triviamasters responsible for coming up with hundreds of difficult and oftentimes obscure trivia questions must first go through a secretive selection process. For their part, trivia participants, at the mercy of such twisted minds, must withstand a nonstop 48 hour stream of mind-numbing questions. Needless to say, a great time is had by all.

Aired on Lawrence University’s independant radio station 91.1 WLFM, the game commences Friday at the stroke of midnight, with the winners declared Sunday at midnight.