Lawrence alumni establish Class of 1968 Action Fund 

At the 25th reunion of the Class of 1968, Lawrence University alumni established the “The Class of 1968 Action Fund.” It was set with the hope that it will educate future generations of students towards issues related to peace and social activism. The fund will support individual or collaborative projects created by students and faculty.  

The Class of 1968 wishes that with this fund, students and faculty will address issues in contemporary or historical context  from a regional, local, global or national perspective. 

While the application deadline for fall funding closed on Oct. 27, the next application for summer funding will open Jan. 5, 2024 and will close on March 29, 2024.

Michelle M. Buchinger, Coordinator for the Career Center and Center for Community Engagement & Social Change, gave some general examples of project ideas that align with the mission of the grant: “Preventing conflict or ameliorating conflict, creating methods to promote peace, resolving  discrimination of any kind (e.g., gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity), preventing bullying, eliminating income inequality, providing adequate health care, clean water and other resources for healthy living, aiding immigrants or migrants.” 

Buchinger’s list continued: “Providing education to underserved populations, testing methods for integrating released felons back into society such that they can be productive citizens, creating methods for resolving homelessness, funding experts to come to campus to speak about any of the above-listed issues in classes, forums, study groups and student organization events.” 

Additionally, if students are participating in a project, there must be a mentor or supervisor to watch over the project. At the end of the student’s project, a reflection paper will have to be submitted explaining how the project has impacted, influenced and/or inspired growth.