taller and taller

sitting at the table, watching the world move in slow motion
nothing you can do, only wait and hope that lady luck smiles 
upon you, as the clock ticks on and time stretches like taffy

fidgeting only gets you so far, only so much leg bouncing can
occur before someone reaches over and places a hand on
your shoulder, and you realize you've been shaking the entire table

so instead you turn to what is in front of you, manageable in
their bright colors, and soft edges just waiting to be used as 
delicately as a surgeon you begin to stack one on top of the other

you start sturdy, ones with big sides, the foundation of your 
masterpiece beginning to rise into the sky, breath held to keep
hands steady as slowly and carefully the final one is placed

sometimes all it takes is a d4
to tip the scale

the crash echoes louder within your head, a couple eyes
turn to you, as the tower comes crashing down, skittering 
across the table, a blast wave of bright molded plastic 

you wince as one of yours hits another tower across from you
sending that also falling to the ground, though thankfully
none have fallen to the floor, so thanks for small favors 

the face across from you is hollow as they take in the multi-
colored destruction now sitting before them, once a glorious
monolith, stretching higher than yours ever dreamed of

instead of anger, a giggle bursts from their lips, spreading as
you too now begin to laugh, with smiles reaching all around the
table, as everyone shares in the infectious joy of a fallen dice tower

the DM turns to you, it's your turn
you pick up the dice once more