Call Your Family

I will always feel so lucky and grateful to have access to technology that allows me to call my family from millions of miles away. It is quite literally the click of a button, and I can see their smiling faces again. As an international student very attached to home, it would be impossible for me to live so far away without being able to call them. Picking up the phone and calling my family lets me begin and end my days on the right note. I have made it part of my daily routine to call my parents when I wake up, and before I sleep. This is when the time difference aligns best for both of us, and it is the only opportunity I get to talk to them. When they’re catching me up on everything they did during the day, I’m starting mine. When I tell them about how my day went, they have just about woken up from bed. I feel disoriented and strange when I don’t speak to them. They are my pillars of strength. All of this is to say pick up the phone and call your family. Call your parents. Call your siblings and cousins. Stay in touch with the people who love you most, and tell them you miss them.