Staff feature: Lainie Yank

Hi! I’m Lainie Yank—I’m a senior majoring in English and Spanish, and I’m from Franklin, Wisc. 

What sports do you play at Lawrence? 

I’m not an athlete myself, but I love going to athletic events on campus, especially basketball and hockey games and tennis and track-and-cross-country meets.   

Yank is a senior on The
staff. Photo provided by

How did you end up writing for The Lawrentian

I’ve been interested in doing sports journalism after graduation, and of all the writing I do for classes, I had never really tried journalistic writing before, so joining The Lawrentian gave me the opportunity to practice it. More recently, I’ve also been doing copy editing, which I love! 

Are you involved in any extracurriculars at Lawrence?  

This year, I’m a co-president of the Book Club, as well as a Spanish and writing tutor. I’m also playing in the newly-revived pep band, which is exciting because I hadn’t played an instrument in almost four years before joining. 

Why did you choose Lawrence? 

I knew I wanted to go to a small school, as well as stay somewhat close to home; I honestly hadn’t even heard about Lawrence until I started applying to colleges, but I’ve had such great experiences with my major departments and academic opportunities. 

Yank showing support at a Lawrence track meet. Photo provided by Lainie Yank.

What advice do you have for those who want to get involved in student journalism?  

The Lawrentian is a great way to experience writing in a non-academic context, and to honestly write about whatever you’re interested in! Being a writer for the sports section has also helped me get two different internships writing about hockey and women’s sports, so it can also be a gateway to other opportunities. 

What is/are your favorite sport(s) or team(s) to watch? 

The Winnipeg Jets are my favorite hockey team, and I’m also very loyal to Milwaukee-area teams like the Brewers and the Bucks, and the PWHL Minnesota team.