Tips from a Townie

Kristin Rezin

Going to the movies is often a fallback for an evening out – and it’s a fun one. But it can be an expensive habit to maintain, especially on a tight budget. One night at the movie theatre for two people adds up to $16, and that’s without any drinks or popcorn. If you can’t keep up that pace, you’ll end up missing the movies you want to see until they are released on DVD. Movie-lovers are forced to wait weeks, even months while the latest hit makes its way from the big screen to the movie stores.
Appleton has a solution to both dilemmas: the Valley Value Cinemas. The Valley Value Cinemas, fondly known around town as “the cheap seats,” play feature films just after their original run in the main movie theatres. Right now, it’s playing films like “The Other Guys,” “Inception” and “Eat Pray Love.” You can catch the films you missed in their original run without having to wait for their DVD release.
Not only do the cheap seats give you one last chance to see movies on the big screen, but they also come at the perfect price for a college student. The great deal is promised in the very name of the theatre: Valley Value. Movie tickets cost just $4, half the price of a regular movie ticket; matinees cost even less. And don’t worry – there’s nothing cheap about the seats themselves!
The best part about Valley Value Cinemas? Tuesday nights. Tuesdays are value days at the cheap seats. Movie tickets cost just $1.75, well worth it for the big-screen cinema experience. Just make sure to get there with time to spare – I spent 20 minutes one Tuesday night waiting to buy my ticket in a line that wound its way around the entire lobby of the Cinema.
Located on the south side of Appleton and not too far from campus, the cheap seats are only a short distance – and a perfect price – for a date night or a fun evening with friends. The theatre stands just across the river at 2165 South Memorial Drive. For show times and directions to the theatre, visit