H1N1 vaccinations for students, hall directors expected in early November

Lawrence University is taking a proactive stance against the spread of the Novel Influenza A/Mexico/2009 (H1N1) virus on campus.
According to Susie Muenster, director of Health Services and registered nurse, Lawrence has ordered 800 doses of the H1N1 vaccine.
Muenster expects the vaccine shipment to arrive in the first week of November. Once the vaccine arrives, Muenster will determine the dates and times when the vaccine will be administered as well as the cost for each dose of the vaccine.
Muenster said she “will be setting up clinics outside the Andrew Commons area to make it [the vaccine] very easily obtainable for the students.”
The vaccine doses that Muenster has ordered will only be offered to Lawrence students and residence hall directors. Muenster said she encourages faculty and staff to seek the vaccine through their primary care providers.
Muenster noted that it is particularly important for students with underlying health conditions to receive the H1N1 vaccine.
“Every student with an impaired immune system, diabetes, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, etc., should receive the vaccine,” Muenster said.
However, Muenster also said that it “is their responsibility to obtain the vaccine.”
Members of the Lawrence community who have questions about the vaccine or about the H1N1 flu itself can contact Muenster by e-mail at susan.muenster@lawrence.edu or by phone at 920-832-6574.