Letter to the Editor

Sue Casperson, endorsed by Pat and Tim Krause

First of all, I want to congratulate the students who voiced their opinions in the paper. They were heard loud and clear.
Second, I want to bring it to all the adults that we were kids once too, and yes, these kids will mess up now and then, but they are just being kids.
We all did our share of drinking and smoking, and we spend hands-on time with these kids five days a week, so we actually know what they do and do not do!
Where is the concern about all these people who walk their dogs through Lawrence and none of them carry bags to pick it up. This makes me upset. I wonder how they would like a couple of pies from elephants in their front yards.
At least our kids pick up after themselves.
Now this is where we are going to talk our students up. They have been the greatest support group for us. We are so proud of them, and would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts – here is why. Pat and Tim Krause and I quit smoking eight weeks ago. We even warned the kids we might get crabby, and they laughed.
Our students made it so easy with the laughter, smiles and special little notes they leave on our white boards. These young adults are wonderful. It was about time someone let everyone else know how terrific you are instead of all of the negativity.
So today I personally want to thank all of my kids and say you are terrific. Thanks a million.