Letter to the Editor

Sam Lewin

Do you ever think about how liberating it would be to live in a society where clocks don’t exist? I think about it whenever I’m at Lawrence, especially when I have due dates, classes and rehearsals hanging over my head.

So I’m going to give the designers of the Warch Campus Center the benefit of the doubt and assume that this notion of freedom explains their decision to build a virtually clock-less building.

Seriously, there are almost no clocks in the campus center, except for a few clocks that are both illegible and imprecise. What moron invented clocks without numbers anyway? Unfortunately, Lawrentians constantly need to be mindful of the time; we are always busy, and we often need to run from meals in the campus center to classes or rehearsals.

Therefore, the campus center could make our lives easier by putting up more legible clocks on all floors of the building — especially in Andrew Commons and the Café. One easy fix would be to include the time on those ubiquitous TV screens with the weather and campus schedule.

While it would be lovely if time actually did stop in the campus center, clocks would go a long way toward appeasing the student body — and once the campus center puts up a few more clocks, it could work on either fixing the urinals or installing new ones that don’t break every other week.

Sam Lewin ‘12