What’s on your iPod?

1. “Rattled by the Rush,” Pavement
This is off what Malkmus claims is their best album and I have to say I agree. It’s a must have, especially if you’re trying to pretend you listen to good music. They’re the quintessential 90’s alternative rock band.
2. “Bits & Pieces,” Junior Boys
I feel like this song was written 25 years too late and should’ve been written by the Japanese guy making music for “Streets of Rage.” “Begone Dull Care” was my summer anthem.
3. “No Surprises,” Radiohead
If you’ve ever been disappointed by anyone, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thom Yorke has been there too. Not quite as depressing as their other songs, but still a crowd pleaser.
4. “Fences,” Phoenix
Someone was telling me that French music really isn’t all that good and it’s probably because they haven’t heard of Phoenix.
5. “A Sunny Day in Glasgow,” Things Only I Can See
I could probably listen to this song for the rest of time. Any words I’d attempt to use to describe it would not do it justice, so I’ll just say it’s perfect.
6. “Viva Vida,” Daedelus
This is quite possibly one of the prettiest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s romantic and angsty, but we’re all in college so we know what that feels like.
7. “Vito’s Ordination Song,” Sufjan Stevens
Okay. I lied. This is the prettiest song I’ve ever heard. My favorite lyrics are in this song. They’d make a charming lullaby.
8. “Flashback,” Calvin Harris
Both shows of his that I went to are easily in my top 10 best shows. His music is ridiculously good.
9. “Peacock Tail,” Boards of Canada
I wish I could hide them from the world and keep them all to myself. They’re music reminds me of floating in space.
10. “Electric Relaxation,” A Tribe Called Quest
Q-tip has the most soothing voice and his lyrics are always great. I’d be quite content if he called me “shorty.”
11. “You Can Have It All,” Yo La Tengo
This brings me back to eighth grade. I thought I was so cool for listening to Yo La Tengo. In retrospect, I was totally lame.