Domestic gourmands: Blueberry Hill

Lauren Mimms

If breakfast is your most important meal of the day, try Blueberry Hill Pancake House for its food and ambiance. From the outside, Blueberry Hill looks out of place. It’s a cozy cottage situated between commercial buildings off the busy section of College Avenue.
As you enter, the same sentiments come to mind. Inside, old-fashioned wood walls and an oversized gumball machine accompany the waiting area. Small booths line the sides of the restaurant, with older-looking tables in the center. Everything appears aged and classic.
Faded paintings decorate the walls. “My Girl” played on the radio as I came in, adding to the impression that this was a family-owned, small-town diner. It was a while before the manager noticed I was there, but he made up for it with Midwestern hospitality.
There were a surprising number of people around, since I came at what I thought would be an off-time, noon. Blueberry Hill is only open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., unlike many pancake houses. This is not a prime time for college students, which is perhaps the reason that I was the youngest customer there.
My waitress took me to a booth and gave me a menu. A group of older women that entered after me were asked to order first. I wasn’t given the best service. Looking at the menu, there are a large variety of choices. Everything was within the $7 range, which is a great deal when considering the huge servings given.
Breakfast is the specialty, but the restaurant also offers lunch courses, such as sandwiches. I had heard about their famous Cinnamon Apple Pancakes, so I knew I had to try them. Once I was finally asked to order, my meal arrived relatively quickly. As I waited, I noticed the prevalence of local groups. Most customers were older couples, and many were obvious regulars. The manager knew all of their favorite spots and entrees. It was then that I knew I had thrown myself into a local hotspot.
After a few minutes, my waitress brought out the pancakes. Their presentation was great; four pancakes topped high with deliciously cinnamon-baked apples and fresh syrup. I took a bite and understood what the fuss was about. The perfect amount of spices and variety of textures hit my mouth.
Then I noticed it: a long black hair in between my pancakes. It definitely put a damper on my experience. Despite this questionable find, the food was delicious, and I could not complain about the prices. The view left something to be desired, unless watching trucks fly by is your cup of tea. Workers were full of local charm, and I felt welcomed. Older folks may feel more at home, but I would not deny returning for another pancake or two.
Just a hint: Share with a friend! I am a ravenous eater, yet I could barely finish half of my plate. Also, though the restaurant advertises free Wi-Fi, I had trouble getting it to work. Blueberry Hill did not give me the best experience when I was there, but the restaurant’s breakfast plates will not leave you unsatisfied.