Staff Editorial

At this halfway point in the term, students and faculty are receiving a well-deserved break. In anticipation of fall term’s crowded final weeks, we hope that Lawrentians use this time to make arrangements for the upcoming winter recess.
The six-week period affords students the opportunity to participate in university programming or independent projects to further their academic enrichment outside the classroom.
For freshmen, after the initial trimester at college, the break allows for ample reflection and preparation for years ahead. For upperclassmen, the break allows for visits to graduate schools, interviews, independent research and the development of applications and capstones.
Last year’s debut of the revised six-week break resulted in many successes. For example, a group of faculty and students took a three-week research trip to southern China to study water resource management. Additionally, the Career Center orchestrated “Shadow Chicago,” a program that paired students with alumni working in their fields to facilitate professional networking.
This year, we encourage students to explore winter programming offered by the university. The six-week break can add to the experience of individualized learning as it offers students flexibility and the freedom to further pursue academic and creative interests.
As these activities require substantial planning and potentially require funding, we recommend all students speak with their advisors and other faculty soon regarding advantageous uses of this new feature of the Lawrence education.