LETTER TO THE EDITOR: DeLaney posters in poor taste

I am incredibly offended with the use of Hitler in Cole DeLaney’s posters for the recent LUCC campaign.

Although it is too late for this letter to the editor to effect the election, I feel that it was in incredibly poor taste and want my opinion to be heard. Right now I am enrolled in the Holocaust class, and it is an incredibly emotional experience for me. My family still feels the effects of the Holocaust, and because of the Holocaust I have relatives that I will never know. Last week we watched a video where I saw more Nazi propaganda in one hour than in the previous twenty years of my life. I distinctly remember leaving class that day feeling emotionally and physically disgusted; feeling that if I saw Hitler’s face one more time I would throw up. Little did I know that walking across campus I would run into a poster of Hitler right next to the person that is now the president of LUCC.

I understand that Cole has a right to put up posters that have his face right next to Hitler’s, but was that really the best way for him to publicize his views of why he should be LUCC president? Did it help students on this campus make an informed decision about who to vote for? Was it really necessary?

I am sure that Cole will do a fine job as president of LUCC. Before I saw that poster I was planning on voting for him, and I still like many of his ideas. On the other hand, I am upset that someone that now holds a leadership position on our campus has such poor and offensive taste.

—Daniel Perelstein

While at the library last week, I was surprised to see an LUCC campaign poster that used the image of Adolph Hitler in a cavalier and mocking manner. The poster belonged to Cole Delaney, who went on to win the LUCC presidential campaign, and it featured a picture of Hitler next to a picture of Mr. Delaney over a caption reading “Cole: Good, Hitler: Bad.” I wonder what Mr. Delaney was thinking when he posted these images around campus. Was Mr. Delaney saying that he would be as good for Lawrence as Hitler was bad for the Jews?

I’m also curious about whether the Lawrentian was aware of these posters when they endorsed Mr. Delaney, or if knowing about them would have affected their endorsement. I’m certain that I am not the only person on campus who was offended upon seeing these posters. I wish Mr. Delaney the best in his term as LUCC president, and hope that these images are not an indication of his general mindset or beliefs.

—Karen Park-Koenig, ’91

The Editorial Board was not aware of DeLaney’s posters at the time of its endorsement. Though we find the posters in very regretable taste, our endorsement stands.