LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lawrentian on the right track

Lynn K. Boenker

Recently, I picked up a copy of The Lawrentian at Conkey’s Bookstore. I found it quite interesting. While College Avenue has been in transition for 10-15 years, I think we’ve seen the death of a once active shopping area. But, hopefully, both Appletonians and Lawrentians will continue to find “fairly priced” restaurants, gathering places, and book stores like Conkey’s in which to meet. Thanks for updating me on the new bars and pubs.Your Alumna Gift article also caught my eye. How I would love to immerse myself in the world of art! And I think I might qualify for a scholarship!

I enjoyed the candidate editorials. It would be great to have Lawrentians “more involved in the city.” I would enjoy sharing my view of Peabody Park and the Fox River with a student. However, my place is not a mansion!

Three cheers for Allison Augustyn’s insight and love of history! I, too, hope Lawrence continues its high academic standards.

Thanks also for updating me on the new Euro. While I knew it was coming, I wasn’t aware of the variations recognizing each country.

Keep up the good work on The Lawrentian.