The Specht Pages: Fun times at Bon Appétit

Kevin Specht

It amazes me when I hear people say that they are sick of eating at Andrew Commons. To me, there are so many options to choose from-back home did any of you have meatloaf night every Wednesday?

Perhaps what has kept me from getting bored with the food in the commons is the combinations and secrets that I enjoy and will now publicly share:

The soft serve ice cream does lack that certain something. Some call it flavor; I think it’s pretty good, though. But it’s amazing if you mix in some yogurt! Also, try adding cinnamon in the vanilla ice cream for an added kick!

Have you ever seen an ice cream man? I don’t mean the kind that drives trucks while playing children’s songs; I mean the edible kind that I invented. Here’s how you do it in 5 easy steps:

1. Put a cookie on a plate.

2. Squeeze out some soft serve ice cream on the cookie-aim for a blob that’s at least five inches tall.

3. Break a chop stick in half and insert each half into the sides of the ice cream, for the arms. Also, while you’re at it, be sure to read the chopsticks package for some entertainingly-bad English.

4. Stick on M&Ms for eyes.

5. Stick an Oreo chunk on for the mouth.

The cakes can get a bit boring-I know. Try putting it in a bowl with milk. It makes a delicious, soupy mess.

Cookies can’t be eaten at room temperature, am I right? Well, you have three options to fix that problem:

1.      Put cookies in the panini press. Some people say that it makes the cookies taste like sandwiches, but I vehemently deny it! If you feel the need to keep your cookie separate from the other food remnants, you can put it in a wrap first!

2.      You can put cookies in the waffle iron (but I wouldn’t be surprised if they put up a sign soon asking us not to do so). Even better, make a cookie waffle! Do this by first spraying the iron, pouring in some waffle mix, put in cookies, add more mix, and let it cook. Yum.

3.      Finally, you can use the microwave. I saved the most boring one for last, but you can spice things up a bit by pouring some milk or cream on top first.

Who would have guessed that the secret cure to the food time blues at a liberal arts college would be creativity and inventiveness? Or as Jill Beck would say, “thought into action.”

Also, please note that I chose not to include root beer floats or banana splits on my list because they are boring.

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