Staff Editorial

The departments of Art and Art History as well as several other organizations brought Dan Leers ’02 to campus Oct. 1 to discuss his curatorial work in the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
The next day, Leers took a group of students to the Art Institute of Chicago to see a photography exhibit he curated. Both informative and practical, Leers’s visit afforded art history students the chance to interact with an accomplished alumnus in their field.
Meeting with alumni who have successfully navigated the job market is especially pertinent to liberal arts students who may be looking for careers in a wide variety of fields. On Oct. 18, the Career Center will take students interested in consulting to Deloitte LLP in Milwaukee to meet Jonathan Bauer ’83.
The Career Center also arranged for students to meet alumni in Chicago over winter break last year to discuss avenues of employment – an important networking opportunity. This December, the program will be held in the Twin Cities.
We appreciate efforts by a number of groups to bring recent graduates to Lawrence and to arrange meetings off-campus. Networking with professional, articulate alumni not only gives students an idea of what they might aspire to, but also strengthens the Lawrence community by developing relationships between former students and current students and by continuing interaction between alumni, faculty and staff.
We encourage academic departments and organizations at Lawrence to continue to engage alumni in their curricula and in lecture series. Through these connections, both the on-campus community and the alumni network will grow and achieve continued success.