Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Not just for athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national organization that first and foremost stands for God. On the national level, the organization presents an opportunity to learn more about God and His son, Jesus Christ, targeting athletes, coaches, and anyone involved in the support of athletics.On this campus, FCA is an active group that eagerly seeks God, to know more about Him and to grow in their personal relationship with Him, but it is not exclusive to athletes. The group is composed of students and faculty who have a wide variety of beliefs and come to celebrate, learn of, or further their curiosity and knowledge of God.

FCA usually meets once a week and always includes songs (praise and worship), prayer, and some activity. Some nights we’ll discuss certain Biblical passages or a specific topic, question, or idea. Other nights we’ll have completely different activities.

We plan around the desires of the group, catering to needs and schedules. The group grew in many ways in the past year and is looking forward to seeing how God’s hand will move this year.

We look forward to planning and participating in more activities in the future, especially in combination with other organizations. We have also made contact with several outside sources that have given us the option of different events off-campus.

We have the opportunity to meet with other groups from different universities, hear speakers, or attend retreats, as well as bring in speakers to the Lawrence community.

We encourage you, if you are a looking for fellowship with other Christians or if you are curious about God in any way or for any reason: if you question His role in your life, or His existence, God’s role in this earth, or your own, feel free to drop by. Anyone and everyone is welcome at any time. Be at peace; always know that God loves you.