Staff Editorial

The theme of this year’s convocation series, as designated by the administration, is “Innovation through Collaboration.” We find that both Ray Suarez’s address and recent humanitarian efforts spearheaded by Lawrence students have been impressive examples of that theme in action.
Last weekend, a number of student organizations collaborated to host humanitarian relief events such as performances, bake sales and community art workshops. The donations collected from these events will be sent to Pakistan and Haiti for flood and earthquake relief, respectively.
We were heartened by the level of student support for these endeavors. The Muslim Students Association, Amnesty International, Students’ War Against Hunger and Poverty, the Wriston Art Collective and other contributing organizations should be commended for their efforts.
Students may often feel overwhelmed by the scope of the injustices they seek to combat, but we feel that efforts are effective when aggregated. We encourage students to create more opportunities for others to contribute.
As at other universities, Lawrence’s academic departments, student organizations and other groups are somewhat divided. In the spirit of a liberal arts education, we encourage students to break down such barriers and find new ways to work together. We hope that collaborative aid efforts that reach across these divisions continue to thrive at Lawrence beyond the year of “Innovation through Collaboration.