Join the Party that’s Right

The Lawrence University College Republicans is an active student organization representing conservative viewpoints on campus.We help political campaigns on a local, state, and national level, bring in speakers such as Ambassador Alan Keyes, Congressmen Mark Green, and Star Parker, and host debates and discussions on current issues.

Two years ago we aided in the campaigns of local Republican candidates, and were witnesses to the inauguration of our current President, George W. Bush, in Washington D.C. We hope to repeat our success by helping out in the congressional gubernatorial elections this fall.

The LUCRs aren’t all about political work, though. We also field a flag football team in the fall, put on movies in the Wriston Amphitheatre and, as of last year, have a “Dunk a Republican” tank at Celebrate in spring.

The LUCRs meet about once a week at a meeting time determined by the schedules of our members. Space does not allow for a complete discussion of the activities of the LUCR’s; for more information, attend the Activities Fair or go to