Letter to the Editor

Mei X. Gong

When I opened The Lawrentian today and saw the headline that read, “China turns 60,” I was expecting an article about how China celebrated her anniversary or what challenges the nation overcame within this short time period.
However, I was very disappointed and angry about the closed-minded view this article presented. Not only did it bash China’s concern for the well-being of citizens by providing tight security, but also it presented a very biased view on the political system of China.
The article does show that the writer did some research about what this anniversary meant to the country and personally was there; however, it did not take into account the pride of Chinese citizens or Chinese descendants.
It only seems appropriate to provide the opinion of a Chinese citizen or a Chinese descendant; I cannot imagine how hard that would be, since the writer is currently in China.
I do not believe China displayed fighter jets and tanks as a security measure – what is the writer trying to imply here? I understand that the writer was merely trying to present a personal view of China’s anniversary, though as a bystander, one should not provide biased views for people who are, unfortunately, not able to participate in this event.
In comparison to the tight security provided on such an important occasion would be the celebration of New Year’s in Times Square. I could easily state for a fact that people were jailed within blocks like animals in a zoo cage, only allowed to move when the security guards removed the posts. However, as a participant of the event, I understood why the security was necessary to keep order and limit chaos on that special night. So, please, express your opinions under the appropriate section in The Lawrentian.
– Mei X. Gong