Restaurant review:

Lauren Mimms

Tired of campus center food, or just want to get off campus for a cozy meal? Spice up your palate at College Avenue’s own Taste of Thai! I have never been one for fiery foods, and I was initially reluctant to try Thai food.
Finally, at the age of 18 I gave in to temptation and never went back. Pad Thai had become my savior. Upon coming to Appleton all the way from the world variety of foods I had in California, I was amazed with how much selection there was here. Taste of Thai was the first restaurant I wanted to explore.
My parents and I ventured in after freshman move-in last year. The red awnings outside matched the red interior carpets and chairs. Various levels created a sense of intimacy, and a tank of goldfish welcomed us in. An attentive server guided us to our seats and handed us menus. Appetizers stood out as a cheap way to get a taste of the spring rolls, tempura or chicken satay.
Taste of Thai was great because of how large the portions were and how much we could share. When it came to entrees, there were options to entice anyone. Curries, spicy seafood and noodles rule this course. What appealed to me the most though was the prevalence of vegetarian options. My taste buds were thankful for their five levels of spice that accommodate any type of eater.
Taste of Thai opened in 1994 and has been an Appleton staple ever since. Main courses are about $10 to $14, but portions are huge and will feed you for at least two meals – or you and a date.
For those who want a drink with their cuisine, a bar sits along the back wall and there is a wide range of cocktails. Recipes are made by the owner and reflect classical Thai cooking flavors, including lemongrass, coriander and chilies. For the Lawrence student, the restaurant is extremely convenient, standing right in front of Brokaw and having easy take-out.
I recently revisited Taste of Thai with friends to relive my first experience. It remained as friendly and homey as ever, with the same uniquely flavored food. We watched as a waiter served another table fresh curry over rice and the aromas hit us. I considered trying something new, but I began as I started, with my original, delicious introduction to Thai cooking, Pad Thai. It continues to remind me of my first days on campus and my first year in college, trying new things.