Ariel staff welcomes new faces

Do you say “Kodak moment” more than three times a day? Do you walk around with one eye shut? Do your friends complain about permanent eye damage from all the flash photos you take? Are you having trouble scrounging up the $600 for PhotoShop? Are you ready to graduate from those cute little scrapbooks and start doing some real publishing? If so, the Ariel may be for you!Life at Lawrence is special. As the years pass, the time that we spent living in the Lawrence community will become a treasured memory. Unfortunately, memories fade. We need things to help us remember the good times, and loan payment notices will not work. Hence, the yearbook.

Still need a reason to join? This year, due to the increase in student activity fees, the yearbook will be fully funded and every student will receive a copy. So come help us fritter away your money! Heck, you’ve paid for it, come help us make it good! No experience is necessary to be on the Ariel staff. What’s involved: photography, layout, graphic design, journalism, creative thinking, and problem solving. The first meeting will be Wed., Sept. 25 at 8pm, Mursell House (right behind the conservatory). f you can’t commit to being on the Ariel staff, you can still help by submitting photos. We are always looking for candids of friends, academic functions, professors, events, and organizations. Just send them to the Ariel box at the info desk.