Yuais defy the normal

The Yuai Community is a fun-loving group dedicated to tolerance, diversity, and hedonism. The Yuais put on campus events that provide the “other” or “alternative” point of view. In the past, our events have included things like a live production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, Ball Bizarre (our cross-dressing dance), SKAppleton (an annual ska concert), “Twin Peaks” marathon, competitive Trivia team, NORM movie series (that challenges the notion of “normalcy”), and lots more.

Curious? Want to know if the rumors are true? Just who is Bucky, and what does he have to do with purple garters?

Meetings are Tuesdays at 9:45 p.m. in Riverview. All open-minded people ready for life on the fringe are welcome. The Yuai Community… Corrupting the squares so you don’t have to.