What’s on Your iPod?

1. “Go To Sleep,” The Avett Brothers
This is a song off of “Emotionalism” that I love. These guys do some fun things with bluegrass.
2. “Last Request,” Paolo Nutini
Baby. Making. Music.
3. “BM J.R.,” Lil’ Wayne
I unapologetically love Lil’ Wayne. The South rose again. Get over it.
4. “Problems,” Sex Pistols
I wish more people listened to music like this when they are drinking.
5. “The Ugly Organ,” Cursive
From 0 to amped in 1 minute and 53 seconds.
6. “Public Pervert,” Interpol
Probably my favorite Interpol song. Interpol has a special place in my heart.
7. “Surrender,” Cheap Trick
The one and only cool thing to come out of Rockford, Ill. — next to that baseball movie with Tom Hanks and Rosie O’Donnell.
8. “Will There Be Enough Water?,” The Dead Weather
If there was a church of Jack White, I would carry around the collection plate. This is the final track off “Horehound.”
9. “Right Where It Belongs V2,” Nine Inch Nails
This song made me fall in love with Nine Inch Nails. If you haven’t seen the live DVD “Beside You In Time,” come find me.
10. “This Must Be The Place,” Miles Fisher
If you love American Psycho and Talking Heads, this is the song for you. Make sure you watch the video. Thanks to Mr. Rich Jones for showing me this one.