New in brief

DeLaney and Ketcham announce cabinet selectionsLUCC President-elect Cole DeLaney released the names of his cabinet appointee nominations Wednesday. The new parliamentarian, treasurer, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and finance secretary will take up their new positions beginning term III.

Aubra Hoffman has been nominated to be parliamentarian. She is the former chair of the student welfare committee and a two year LUCC representative.

Tariq Engineer has been nominated as treasurer. He is an accountant with two years of experience as well as a year as a finance manager. Tariq is presently the sports editor of The Lawrentian and will be leaving that position to take the treasury position.

Sarah Burke has been nominated to be recording secretary. She has experience with medical dictation and transcription and has performed clerical work for the Delta Gamma sorority.

Steven Tie Shue has been nominated to be corresponding secretary. He has experience assisting the family business as well as being an Info Desk worker.

Justin Eckl has been nomiated to be finance secretary. Eckl was the only applicant but DeLaney is impressed with his motivation.

At next week’s meeting, the general council will vote to approve or deny these selections.

Online voting possible with BANNER system

According to LUCC President-elect Cole DeLaney, Lawrence’s new BANNER system can be used to host an online voting system. This system, if implemented, would allow students to vote on an individual basis, most likely using Lawrence student IDs to register voters. This would ensure that everyone would receive one vote and would significantly expand the accessibility of elections. It could also be used for referendums such as the one proposed by DeLaney regarding the activity fee, which was refused by LUCC.

Currently, online voting at Lawrence is only in the planning stages, but DeLaney intends to meet with staff members including Steve Hirby and Nancy Truesdell to discuss the issue in the near future. Hirby says that discussion has just recently started and more information will be available in the coming weeks.