Letter to the Editor: DFC response to Tan’s letter

Lauren Schulte

The letter to the editor recently published in The Lawrentian may have been written by a member of Downer Feminist Council, but the letter was not sanctioned by us — nor do I, DFC’s president, or anyone I have spoken to, condone anything it says. I encourage you all to read it and the article it was written in response to.

Ninety-nine percent of DFC members do not agree with the aggressive statements made in and the content of the letter. Please do not attack or act aggressively toward the members of DFC — we would love to engage you in conversation about the letter and let you know that the letter is not representative of the beliefs of our group. Indeed, the letter is against the inclusiveness we believe in as feminists.

Do respond to people who read the angry article positively: most feminists on campus believe that feminism is an all-inclusive, welcoming movement. Feminism is about sisterhood. People-hood. Social justice. Next week, I will be publishing an article about the universality and inclusiveness of feminism.

No matter how angry this letter makes you, please respond positively. Let’s not add to the current stigma against feminism by supporting that content of the recent letter to the editor. If you want more information on the situation or DFC’s stance, please contact me.