STAFF EDITORIAL: This campus needs unity

In light of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States, the Lawrentian feels that it is important for Lawrence students and community members to remember tolerance for all races and religions.The crimes committed against the U.S. were so heinous that they obviously evoked strong negative emotions against the perpetrators. Yet throughout these negative occurrences, there have been many charitable acts. We have witnessed the best of human nature in the last few weeks. People have filled blood banks to capacity, monetary donations from individuals and companies have been unprecedented, and support for the victims and their families has been shown in every way possible from driving across the country to help in the search and rescue, to simply hanging an American flag. People have been truly generous.

However, with one extreme comes another. Most people believe the mastermind behind all the attacks is radical Muslim Arab Osama bin Laden. Because of the emotion involved in this situation, some U.S. citizens have lashed against not only Muslims and Arabs, but also other minorities. This retribution and the people that perpetrate these crimes are not only misguided, but are harmful to our unity in this time of crisis.

As a community that prides itself on being diverse, Lawrence has continually proven itself capable of accepting people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds and providing an environment in which anyone can flourish. We hope that Lawrence continues this excellent tradition throughout these trying times and into the future.