Staff Editorial

Editorial Board of The Lawrentian

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Lawrence gave students and faculty the day off last Monday, Jan. 16. This gave Lawrentians the opportunity to volunteer for MLK Day of Service, which was coordinated by the Volunteer and Community Service Center. The MLK Day of Service was well advertised on campus, with the inspiring slogan, “A day on, not a day off.” It was easy to sign up for an allotted time slot and transportation was arranged.

Over 200 Lawrentians registered with the Volunteer and Community Service Center. We at The Lawrentian are thrilled to see that so many members of the Lawrence community volunteered their time. Volunteering is a vital part of any community, and a part that is often over-looked by students with hectic academic schedules. The day off from classes allowed more students to get involved with the MLK Day of Service, and volunteering in general.

Though we’re extremely pleased with the 500-plus hours volunteered last Monday, there is definite room for improvement. Considering we have a student population of 1,429, and that there were no classes on Monday, it would have been even more impressive if more students would have volunteered.

Some students undoubtedly took advantage of the long weekend and traveled home for a few days. Next year, we at The Lawrentian encourage all students to be here on Martin Luther King Day, and to make their presence known in the community in a positive way. It may even be worthwhile to coordinate other designated volunteer days throughout the year on other dates without classes, such as Memorial Day. It is especially encouraging to have transportation and locations already arranged.

Volunteering on Martin Luther King Day is just another way to get involved with the larger Appleton community, and to show that Lawrentians are as compassionate and engaging as we claim to be. We encourage all Lawrentians to seek out volunteer opportunities throughout the year.