Staff Editorial

As the 2008-09 academic year comes to a close, the staff of The Lawrentian looks back on a year that has been both memorable and monumental. The Lawrence community saw a host of interesting speakers, the historic election of our first black President, incredible concerts and performances, responses to the economic crisis, the success of the Green Roots initiative and, yes, the swine flu.
With the impending opening of the Warch Campus Center, the end of this year is bittersweet in many ways. As we move from our old haunts into the truly impressive new center, it’s hard, even while excited about what’s to come, not to wax nostalgic for those places we may have occasionally mocked.
We would like to offer congratulations to the departing seniors and wish them continued success, wherever they may go. We’d like especially to thank those who gave so much of their time at Lawrence to this paper. To all students who are returning next year, we hope you enjoy your summer vacations and we look forward to providing you with informative, fun and thought-provoking material next year.