Arts Umbrella welcomes new students

Arts Umbrella is an alternative campus-programming group. In the past, they have sponsored plays, dance companies, and bands, as well as having a stage at Celebrate!, Lawrence’s festival for the arts. This past year, the Arts Umbrella stage featured Latin music, hosting campus groups like the Sambistas and John Phillip Salsa, as well as professional groups such as Chicago Samba and the Jackie Allen Group. Each Arts Umbrella member is directly involved in choosing programming. They meet, listen to, and select bands for shows that take place throughout the year. Each member’s opinion matters, and the group is always looking for new ideas.Arts Umbrella is a great way to meet new people. This past year’s membership consisted of freshmen as well as seniors, and Conservatory as well as college students. Each member brings something to Arts Umbrella. They have a great time making cookies for bands (whether they’re “just add water” or the slightly more tricky “add egg, flour, and sugar”), and it’s great to have an opportunity to meet the band members.

This organization, like so many others, can be almost anything that its members want it to be. They would love to see you at one of their meetings!