What to do in Appleton

Alicia Bones

Face it; thanks to the campus center, you would never need to leave campus if you were so inclined. However, if you are anything like most Lawrentians, seeing your favorite math professor on your walk of shame or running into that kid you just can’t stand in the bathroom again starts to get to you after a while; you’ll probably have to burst the bubble. Here are some hot spots in Appleton, most of them within walking distance, to get you away from campus for the afternoon or evening.
Vagabond Imports — 113 E. College Ave., 920-731-5710, walking distance.
An international import store, Vagabond offers posters, well-made hippie clothing, wooden boxes, colorful knickknacks, and wacky gifts. Come here to decorate your room and yourself.
Russian Delights –2171 W. Wisconsin Ave., 920-882-0003, driving distance.
Russian Delights is surprisingly well stocked with desserts, cheeses, candies and more. The friendly owners will let you taste everything — except the vodka. It’s a taste of The Motherland when Andrew Commons seems smothering.
Fox Valley Thrift Shoppe — 231 S. Walter Ave., 920-954-9200, driving distance.
Students can thrift through the warehouse of clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and other stuff. The store is perfect for various costuming needs — don’t think you won’t need costumes — and a lot of people find reasonably priced bikes here, too.
Shenandoah Books, Etc. — 133 E. Wisconsin Ave. 920-832-9525, walking distance.
This tiny shop houses towering bookshelves of ambiguously sorted fiction paperbacks, hardcovers and hundreds of categories of nonfiction. The owner is especially knowledgeable on all non-fiction subjects; just ask.
Valley Value Cinemas — 2165 S. Memorial Drive, 920-734-2388, driving distance.
The late-run movie theater in town is always cheap, but if you really want to get off of campus, Tuesday movies are the way to go. All seats on Tuesdays are only $1.75.
City Park — 500 E. Franklin St., walking distance.
A well-tended park that’s basically on campus — it is directly behind the con. City Park is excellent for people-watching, picnicking or releasing your inner child on the playground and swings. Do not be too creeped out by the weirdo children-dancing-around-the-fountain-with-their-feet-linked sculpture — it doesn’t bite.
Appleton Public Library — 225 N. Oneida St., 920-832-6173, walking distance.
The APL offers a great selection of magazines, foreign and independent DVDs and books that the Mudd Library may not have or may already have checked out. You can get a library card there as a Lawrence student; just bring in a piece of mail.
Performing Arts Center– 400 W. College Ave., 920-730-3782, walking distance
The PAC brings in quite a few big-name performers and has a first-rate Broadway series to take care of entertainment needs. Highlights this season include “In the Heights,” Dec. 8-13, “Ballet Folklorico de Mexico,” March 10, and “Fiddler on the Roof” with the film’s Tevye, May 11-16.