CMENC has goofy opportunities to learn about music education

These are the future music educators of the world – scared yet? Well, at least they are probably having fun. In fact, at CMENC, members are often encouraged to let out their inner children and play.
What is CMENC? Officially, the Collegiate National Association for Music Education, but in college terms, they are the club on campus for people interested in music education: majors and non-majors. They do a trip to Bjorklunden with guest speakers and a trip to Madison to the Wisconsin Association for Music Education State Conference.
As if that wasn’t enough, CMENC also discusses current controversies in education, eats ice cream, helps connect students with local music teachers, draws with crayons (yes, some have been known to eat them too…), and lets their inner children occasionally wreak havoc. (That’s usually when people start eating crayons instead of ice cream.)
CMENC meets at 9:17 in the second floor of the old conservatory most Mondays. Questions? Contact any of these people.
Dan Perelstein, President:
Juliana Speiser, Secretary:
Ryan Evans, Treasurer:
Katie McKnight, Publicity:
KT Raschko, advisor:
Julie Weihrauch, advisor: julie.e.eweihrauch@lawrence,edu