All students welcome to join in learning and festivities with Hillel-Chavurah

Ray Feller

Hillel-Chavurah, newly affiliated with the National Hillel Organization, is a group open both to Jewish and non-Jewish students interested in learning about Jewish traditions and celebrating Jewish culture.As a club, Hillel-Chavurah is quite informal. Most of the activities come from what members want them to be year to year. Co-presidents and good pals Ben Mann and Ray Feller have many ideas for the upcoming year, including a monthly Shabbat dinner for anyone interested in attending. Club meeting times are very much based on the schedules of those interested and can be as frequent or infrequent as members wish.

In order to celebrate Judaism and to give the campus the opportunity to learn and participate in the traditional festivities, Hillel-Chavurah leads one religious-based party each term, all open to the entire campus. First term is the Chanukah party, a Purim party second term, and a Passover seder third term, all led and planned by members of Hillel-Chavurah.

Hillel-Chavurah members also have random fun activities, like movie-marathons that are sometimes slightly connected to religion, though usually not. Members also have the chance to attend services in Appleton. While it is a fun way to meet people who share a common interest, more importantly it is an important group because it provides a forum to discuss recent fears and hopes for the future.

Hillel-Chavurah will be going together to Yom Kippur services at Moses Montefiore Synagogue in Appleton. If you are interested in coming along for your first Yom Kippur away from home, or are eager to get involved with any other aspect of the club, find the Hillel-Chavurah table at the student activities fair or contact Ray Feller at x7868 or