Results are in for LUCC General Council elections

Jonathan Jones

Following a week of voting, the results of LUCC’s General Council elections were released last weekend. The university is divided into seven districts from which students are elected to represent their residence halls in LUCC decisions.
“For the first time since most can remember, this year not only did we have enough applications to fill each district, but [we had enough to] have each seat contested as well,” said LUCC President Kaleesha Rajamantri. “So, merely being on the ballot did not ensure a seat!”
In addition, voter turnout doubled from last year. “Lawrence apathy is at an all time low,” said Rajamantri.
The election results are as follows: Brittany Fleming and Patrick McMonagle won in District 1, consisting of Colman, Brokaw and off campus; Brad Camp, Andy King and Evan Williams won in District 2, consisting of Hiett and Ormsby; Will Meadows and Will Doreza won in District 3, consisting of Plantz and the N. Union residences; Sean Ames and Amelia Stout won in District 4, consisting of Kohler; Thomas Watson won in District 5, consisting of the quadrangle; Mia Daughenbaugh and Jonathan Vanko won in District 6, consisting of Sage Hall and the E. Boldt Way residences; Aimen Kahn and Zara Mathew won in District 7, consisting of Trever and the executive houses.
The students are elected to serve on LUCC for the 2009-10 school year. Their duties include funding student organizations and events, providing group housing, appointing committees and helping to make other LUCC decisions. They are to be the medium through which student voices can be heard in the student government.
Sean Ames, the newly elected representative from the Kohler district, is a junior who had never been a part of the community council, never attended a meeting, and had never really felt compelled to find out what LUCC was. However, he expressed a willingness to learn about how the council works.
“It is a very vague process to me, and I would like to figure out how it works with the administration, and if it works. I will be active in figuring out how to represent the values of my peers in Kohler, and in contributing change at Lawrence,” said Ames.
As President of LUCC, Rajamantri has many expectations for this year. She said the LUCC cabinet members set goals at the beginning of their term in office and “thus far, I can confidently say that we are on the path to achieving them!”
Long-term goals include increasing awareness of LUCC and awareness about the structure of the organization, thereby making it more approachable and accessible.
In addition, “in keeping with the university’s ‘green theme’ the Environmental Responsibility Committee is working toward saving money while saving energy,” said Rajamantri. This year, LUCC has updated its Web site and is currently working on a bylaw reform package to update and organize the LUCC bylaws.