Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Tom Pilcher

You might not have noticed, but over the past year The Lawrentian has grown progressively younger. Despite the learning curve that comes with such a development, our staff has really stepped up to the challenge. This change has given the paper a distinct energy, and I’m extremely proud of the work this staff has done to update the newspaper’s appearance, content, and presence, both on and off campus.

Over the past year, The Lawrentian has officially plunged into the social media world — you can now find us on Facebook, Twitter and even on mobile phone apps. Rather than stifling our print edition, these new mediums have afforded us even more ways to connect with the extended Lawrence community and to spread the big stories from the last three terms.

Our expansion into social media allows even more Lawrentians to connect with each other and with campus in general. From President Beck’s retirement to crosswalk safety; from the first Student Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture conference to the men’s cross country team’s conference win last fall, our coverage has sparked dialogue and debate both on and off-campus. We’ve truly enjoyed and appreciated every comment, email and letter to the editor, whether positive or negative.

To continue to function as a newspaper, we rely on this feedback, just as Lawrence relies on alumni engagement to grow as a university. We’ve witnessed and reported the positive effects of this engagement on campus, from alumni returning for the recent SEAMUS Conference to the expansion of the Lawrence Scholars program.

Though we’re about to transition to a new, younger editorial board, The Lawrentian will continue to serve as an open text for campus, a space for connection in an increasingly disconnected world. Personally, I look forward to reading about the fantastic performances, weird art projects, and larger campus issues discussed in the 12 pages of our paper after I leave Appleton.

Finally, congratulations to the new staff; I have full confidence in your ability to expand and transform the newspaper, our newspaper.

– Tom Pilcher