Warch Center Donors Profile: Tom and Julie Hurvis

Tom ’60 and Julie ’61 Hurvis have long been strong supporters of Lawrence University, including the Warch Campus Center.
Tom Hurvis graduated from Lawrence in 1960 with a bachelor’s degree in economics, and he earned his master’s degree in business from the University of California at Berkley in 1962. He is the chairman and CEO of Old World Industries.
Julie graduated from Lawrence in 1961 with a bachelor’s degree in studio art, she is an art therapist. Tom Hurvis served on the board of trustees 1990-2002 and was named trustee emeritus in 2003.
“We think that Lawrence has wonderful leadership right now, [which is taking Lawrence to new levels] with programs like the senior experience and the Posse and Lawrence Fellows programs,” Julie Hurvis said. “We want to make sure that projects like these continue, and that Lawrence is recognized for these wonderful programs.”
Hurvis Crossing, the land bridge connecting the campus center to the academic side of campus, is named in honor of Tom and Julie Hurvis. “I think the campus center will have a huge effect on the campus — it will bring students together,” Julie said. “We’ve needed this so much, and now we have a gathering place on campus.”
Tom and Julie Hurvis continue to support Lawrence because they want it to be recognized for its outstanding programs and opportunities available to students.
“We think Lawrence is a great school, and we don’t think it’s always recognized for how good a school it is, so we want to do everything we can to do things that will raise its profile,” Julie said.