“I Grow Older, More Gray

Mike Morse

In the grass, down by the riverside,
I grow older, everyday.
From these rocks, over the water,
I have watched time, slip away.
Along the currents, every rocking,
I’ve seen my troubles wash’d aside.
And though our love lasted not ever,
I shall forever wonder why.
There is peace, among the rushes,
when cries of seagulls fill the air.
And I find solace in spring’s first blushes,
in a cove, tucked over there.
By the river I have traveled,
and by the river I have stayed.
Yet with or without darkness,
no light shines to show the way.
Lacking your company there’s no purpose–
as day blends into day.
On the banks, down by the riverside,
I grow older, more gray. -Mike Morse