Cole DeLaney, President

Cole DeLaney

My name is Cole DeLaney and I am a senior government major. I am currently president of Plantz Hall and a two-year member of LUCC. I want you to focus on two issues: My experience in student government and how electing me will improve your life at Lawrence.Three problems facing our community that I want to address as president are: laundry, parking, and pets.

Lawrence lacks enough laundry machines to meet the students’ needs, and the token system only exacerbates the problem. Students are often stranded during the night or over breaks without tokens. This problem could easily be resolved by using regular coins or keeping dispensers in the laundry rooms. I would solidify the council behind this goal and engage the administration by challenging them to make these changes a priority. This is something LUCC has not done enough of.

Second, student parking spaces should be numbered and allocated by term like campus housing. This would allow students to choose spots as close as possible to where they live instead of hunting for a spot in the five lots. Such a system would also deter illegal parking by giving the proper owner of the spot the right to call security to take action. As it works now, if you “have” a spot but can’t find one, you are out of luck.

Finally, I believe that small houses ought to be able to have a cat or dog if everyone in the house agrees to accept responsibility for it.

This is not an exhaustive list of my goals and ideas for a better community, but rather a brief overview of the most important ones. If you agree, please support me and make it clear to your representatives that these issues are important to you and ought to be accomplished.