Stuc’s Pizza

Appleton is blessed with a multitude of little pizza joints of all sorts, and among the best of these local purveyors of pie is Stuc’s on College Ave., just past Family Video. Stuc’s may not be able to match Sammy’s or Frank’s for sheer pizza parlor ambiance, but it more than makes up for it in the quality of its pizza.If deep dish pizza is the only sort that will do, Stuc’s is the best thing in Appleton, and there’s not much anywhere else that’s better this side of Chicago. Stuc’s seems to know that deep dish pizza is all about defiance of all common sense in construction, and they serve up an appropriately topping-ladden, high crusted masterpiece. This is good, heavy-duty pizza, with a thick, bready crust and quality toppings. You’ll probably want to use a fork.

Stuc’s also offers regular and thin crust pizzas, both of which are quite serviceable and a refreshing alternative to the Papa. Stuc’s doesn’t deliver, but they have a large, comfortable dining room with a rather curious mural, so plan to eat in. Stuc’s serves soft drinks and bottled and tap beers, including an Italian variety for those looking for an authentic pseudo-Italian experience. They also have a bakery, offering fresh bread and cookies.

Walking distance—NO
Address—110 N. Douglas